Wayne Lang – London, ON

Hope & Lang National event winner & NHRA former record holder


Wayne Lang grew up and lived in London, Ontario all of his life. His Drag Racing career began when he partnered with Ralph Hope and Wes Rydell from Grand Forkes, North Dakota. They raced various cars, including an Anglia, Vega & 23T Altered, all powered by a 6 cyl engine. They were best known for the 6 cyl with V8 heads cut which they adapted.  This car won an award for the Best Engineered Car at the 1969 NHRA Springnationals in Dallas, Texas. Throughout their career, they raced throughout North America setting ET and MPH records, winning class at many NHRA events, also winning their eliminator bracket.
According to Lang, he will always remember these events as good times and where he made friendships that lasted for decades.

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  • Rick McMullin
    July 18, 2022 6:53 pm

    I worked with Wayne at the Shell Clinic in London , he ran the Dyno room & I took over when he left to race full time. ! I don’t know if he would remember me Rick McMullin but at St Thomas dragstrip I drove the Anglia down the track so they could listen to it ! This was great memories for me also !

  • William (Bill) Threlkeld
    November 28, 2022 9:14 am

    The Anglia (Mister Crude) pictured above now resides in Fenton, Missouri and owned by a good friend of mine. It was found in a barn several years ago. Working with the Rydell Group, it was authenticated and painted back to the original color. The 6 cyl. was gone, but a V8 was built and it was raced again. The car traveled to North Dakota for a birthday celebration for Rydell, which was a surprise for Rydell. Mister Crude is retired for the time being and still resides in Fenton. I keep pushing the owner to build a Ford 6 cyl. like the original and race it, but he is busy racing classic funny cars now. I very much enjoy the history of this car.


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