The Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame is a registered non-profit organization whose mission is to recognize the extraordinary achievements and contributions of Canadians to the sport of drag racing.

It pays tribute to world-class Canadian drag racing legends from ‘on’ and ‘off’ the track at an annual Gala and by collecting and preserving a permanent exhibit of memorabilia, artifacts and equipment in a dedicated museum in Montreal, Quebec.

During the Gala, inductees are honoured by their peers, family and friends. They are presented with a custom tailored ‘Blue Blazer’ bearing the Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame logo and a personalized Hall of Fame ring. Extensive media outreach in Canada and the US is also conducted to garner exposure for these noteworthy sportsmen.

Proud to be the first and only organization that recognizes Canadian drag racing ‘Greats’

Proud to be the first and only organization that recognizes Canadian drag racing ‘Greats’ such as Dale Armstrong, John Petrie, Graham Light and the Rini Brothers, the Hall of Fame is gearing-up for its second annual Gala, November 2016 in Montreal.

The Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame was founded in 2015 by John Scotti, a prominent figure in the Canadian car industry and amateur racer. Mr. Scotti worked for John Dingman – one of the top mechanics for performance racing engines – when he was 16 years old. When Mr. Scotti heard the news of his passing a few years later, he wanted to pay tribute to him and his fellow drag racers.

The Director of the Hall of Fame is Bob Aubertin whose passion and commitment to the sport’s growth has spanned more than 50 years. Mr. Aubertin is recognized for his work as past President of the South Super Snakes Ford Drag Club, as track announcer at Napierville Dragway and Sanair in Quebec, as NHRA major event announcer and Division1 Director for UBRA in Canada.

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