1. Carl Rowland, Ontario, CAN.
2. Brian Browell, Ontario, CAN.
3. Les Davenport, Calgary, AB.
4. Peter MacRitchie, Toronto, ON.
5. Jeff Perley, N/A
6. Paul Noakes, London, ON.
7. Chuck Nagy, Toronto, ON.
8. Edie Mountjoy, Ontario, CAN.
9. Frank Elliott, Mississauga, ON.
10. Jeff Veale, Ontario, CAN.
11. Bruce Biegler, Saskatoon, CAN.
12. Yves Perigny, N/A
13. Briane Philbrick, Ontario, CAN.
14. Robert Park, Ontario, CAN.
15. Peter Fedun Sr., N/A
16. Lucien Bergeron, N/A
17. Gary Cunningham, N/A
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Brian Browell

Briane Philbrick

Bruce Biegler

Carl Rowland

Chuck Nagy

Edie Mountjoy

Frank Elliott

Gary Cunningham

Jeff Perley

Jeff Veale

Les Davenport

Lucien Bergeron

Paul Noakes

Peter Fedun Sr

Peter MacRitchie

Robert Park

Yves Perigny