Aurèle Collette – Bouctouche, NB


1937 Born on August 22nd, 1937 in Moncton, New Brunswick
1965 President in association with Piston Poppers (car club)
1966 First Auto Show Palais du Commerce, Montreal
1967-1968 Assistant and manager of the racetrack in Napierville (CCPP)
1969 Manager of the drag racing track in Pont Rouge (Québec)
1969-1982 Promoter, Quebec Auto Show (Quebec)
1970-1972 Place Bonaventure Car Show (organized by the Piston Poppers car club ISCA/ DETROIT, USA)
1970-1990 Sanair- first Grand National Molson (Aurele signs with NHRA Gainsville, FL)
1978 1993 First 10-wheel truck race until 1993 Sanair
1980-1981 Auto sport car show in Sherbrook and Trois Rivières
1987-1990 Defi acceleration drag racing (Sanair)
1990-1998 Festival de l’Auto in (Ville LaSalle)
1993-1998 Defi camion truck drag racing (St-Eustache )
1998-2009 National Auto Sport show (St. Hyacinthe )(12 years)
1999-2001 Creation of the SCP (Salon sport compact performance Olympic Stadium)
2000-2006 Full Throttle car show (St-Eustache)
2002-2006 Quebec (tuning) car show (Québec’s Exhibition Center)
2003-2005 NSC (National Sport Compact, Olympic Stadium)
2006-2013 Autofest car show (Beach Club Point-Calumet)

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