Chasing the Wally Trophy: Thrilling Action at NHRA Canadian National Open Stock/Super Stock Series


NHRA Canadian National Open John Scotti Stock/Super Stock Series continued in Napierville on July 21st, commencing with qualifying and time trials, followed by two action-packed days of racing. With a total of 49 competing cars, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation and excitement.

July 22nd was an eventful day on the track with Ron Moorehead taking home the win in his 1983 Camaro. He was dialled in at 11.20 and ran 11.237 seconds for the win. The runner-up was 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee, Robert Park, who dialled in at 9.96 and ran 10.006 seconds. It was an extremely close race and it came down to a difference in reaction time of only 0.01283 seconds, giving Ron Moorehead the win.

The following day was just as action-packed with Allison Doll taking the coveted Wally Trophy. She dialled in at 10.30 and she ran 10.314 seconds in her Pontiac Trans am, winning the race with an impressive reaction time of 0.014. The runner-up was Dave Casey dialled in at 10.25 in his Corvette and he ran 10.271 seconds at 131.15 mph.
Other winners included Paige Howes, who, at just 18 years old, won Best-Appearing, while Nic Barsamian won Best-Engineered car in his 1970 Chevrolet.


The NHRA Canadian National Open John Scotti Stock/Super Stock Series proceeded in Miramichi with a total of 41 racers, which was the highest car count we have ever seen at the Miramichi Dragway for the Canadian National Open.

The competition was extremely close on both race days. On Friday, we had six rounds of eliminations for both Stock and Super/Stock combined. The winner was J. Tremblay from Quebec in his 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet FS/H with a winning time of 10.588 seconds at 123.53 mph on a dial-in of 10.55 and a reaction time of 0.024. His margin of victory over runner-up Mark Howes of Rothesay, New Brunswick was 1.13734. Mark’s time was 11.900 seconds, however, he red-lit in his efforts in his 1970 Plymouth Duster.

Day two, there were another six rounds of competition for both Stock and Super/Stock combined. The winner was Scott Underhill in his 1971 Pontiac Tempest T37 E/SA and he was dialed in at 10.44. His ET was 10.397 seconds, defeating Brian Kelly in his 1977 Nova H/S. Brian Kelly was dialled in at 11.38 and ran 11.289 seconds. Both cars ran under their dial-ins.

Congratulations to all the winners of the NHRA National Open Stock/Super Stock Series events in Napierville and Miramichi.

Mark Comeau is also to be congratulated for a well-executed two-day event under perfect weather conditions at the finest drag strip in Atlantic Canada. We would also like to mention the great participation of the Atlantic Canadian Stock/Super Stock Association.

The Power of Partnership

Roger Lafontaine and Yves Perigny’s partnership is nothing short of legendary. Together, they have achieved what few can boast—a formidable bond that transcends time and fuels an undying passion for drag racing. Most notably, they etched their names in the NHRA history books by setting two national records. Their remarkable contributions to the sport deserve recognition, and we applaud them for inspiring generations of drag racers to come.

Supporting the Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame

To add to the excitement, we are thrilled to announce that the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) has stepped up to support the Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame Inductee Benefits Program. Non-competing inductees can now obtain tickets for all National Events during the remainder of the 2023 Championship drag racing season. For specific information on obtaining tickets, feel free to contact us via email.

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