Robert Park


“When people find out I drag race, the first thing they ask me is: ‘How fast do you go?’ The next thing they say is: ‘How old are you?’ And then they say: ‘Are you crazy?’ Then I tell them: ‘Yes!’ and the other old crazies I hang out with enjoy this, too.” – Robert C. Park

Robert C. Park won his first race in 1963 at Kohler Dragway, fuelling his love for the sport. In 1965, he won an eliminator with a 2-week-old Chevy II. Park went on to build his first true race car: a ’57 Chevy Wagon. He set a Canadian Record in 1968 for K/S and placed 3rd at the Canadian Nationals at the Mohawk Dragway.

In 1969, Robert C. Park married and retired, selling everything to build his house. However, his love for drag racing could not be so easily left behind – he returned in 1971 and won an impressive 19 out of 26 eliminators with Bob Slater. Between 1972-78, Park started a family and spent most of his time running his own business. But in 1979, he made an exceptional comeback; Park built a 61’ Chevy, set an IHRA record, and won an IHRA points race. That year Park made more money racing than he did working, a sure sign to follow his passion.

Park’s remarkable history continued. In 1982, he built another 61’ Chevy, won a 2nd IHRA points race, and placed 3rd at the Grand Nationals. He helped build and race an 80’s Olds Superstock with Pete Z, went bracket racing with Dean Moggach using Olds and a 69’ Camaro, and won the Super Pro Championship as an owner. In 1994, Park retired, but returned to the track 8 years later to lay down new records.

From 2002-2008, Park constructed a 77’ Astra for brackets and superstock. He bought his first 82’ Camaro and won a Can-Am race on his first day out. The following year, he took first at both the Can-Am Stock Championship and the NHRA Division 1 race.

Park’s passion was evident in all that he did and continues to do. To this day, Robert C. Parks still tears up the tracks, remaining a true inspiration for drag racers throughout Canada.