Chris Biro


(Hometown: Harley, Ontario)

Coming from humble beginnings, Chris Biro’s inspiring journey began with a childhood fascination for cars, blossoming into a lifelong passion for high-performance vehicles and drag racing. Alongside his wife Trish, he founded a thriving speed shop at 20, diving deep into the racing world.

Despite financial setbacks during the recession, Biro’s determination led him to create RPM Magazine which was a modest newsprint publication for grassroots car enthusiasts. With Trish’s steadfast support, RPM transformed into a globally recognized glossy magazine, resonating with car enthusiasts worldwide. Biro pioneered groundbreaking niche drag race events, attracting major industry sponsors, uplifting the Canadian automotive market.

In 2015, he established the RPM Kids First Foundation, directing event proceeds entirely to children in need. Adapting to industry changes, RPM transitioned to a digital platform in 2020, experiencing a surge in readership. Today, RPM stands as a testament to Biro’s resilience, creativity, and unwavering commitment to the automotive community, earning him respect as a prominent figure in the doorslammer drag and street strip scene worldwide.