Wayne Huber


(Hometown: London, Ontario)

Wayne “Hub” Huber was a car owner, builder, innovator, tuner, mentor, and historian in the sport. His lifelong passion began in the 1950s at Cayuga and St. Thomas drag strips, where he started racing his 1957 Ford Daily driver. He built his first race car from the ground up, naming it “MISS B HAVEN,” a 1931 Ford coupe powered by a 1963 Buick Nailhead engine, demonstrating Hub’s ingenuity.

Alongside his friend Jack Hyde, Wayne won several Stock Eliminators across Southwestern Ontario with their A/Stock 1966 427 Biscayne, famously known as “Jack and the Green Stock”.

From technical director at Grand Bend Dragway to spearheading a High-Performance Centre, Hub’s expertise garnered widespread admiration. He even joined the Sandy Elliott race team as a Crew Chief, which was the first Canadian team to win a stock class at the 1968 Winternationals in California.

In short, Wayne Huber was a great friend, husband and father, long admired as one of the few true pioneers of Canadian drag racing.