Carl Skura


(Hometown: Orillia, Ontario)

Carl Skura made significant contributions to drag racing through his involvement in crafting and managing various drag cars, most notably the renowned 48 Fiat Topolino C/A, also known as Percy, sponsored by KARBELT Speed and Custom.

Teaming up with his high school friend, Carl Rowland, Skura co-engineered Percy after recognizing the evolving demands of drag racing. They ordered the 48 Fiat Topolino from Andersons Industries in California circa 1963. The car, crafted in a Blake Street garage, saw Skura managing the engine and drive line while Rowland handled the chassis engineering.
Percy swiftly rose to prominence, setting national records in NHRA, IHRA, and NASCAR, and became a formidable force in drag racing across Canada and the United States. Skura and Rowland’s NHRA National Record at the 1966 US Nationals in Indianapolis highlighted their dominance.’

Their endeavours led to Percy’s extensive coverage in various publications, advertisements, hotrod books, and more, underscoring their immense dedication and contributions to Canadian Drag Racing.