Tim Miller


(Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario)

Tim Miller, a seasoned drag racing journalist, began his career as a general reporter for various newspapers before assuming the editor’s role at Wheelspin News in 1976. His early coverage encompassed prominent NHRA events like Columbus, and Gainesville, along with the local drag races such as the WCS meets at Dragway Park.

Throughout his career, Miller contributed to various esteemed publications, including Inside Track Motorsport News, the Hamilton Spectator, the Toronto Star Wheels section and more. Notably, his written works extended to comprehensive projects such as a hardcover book dedicated to the sport’s diverse dimensions, with a distinct emphasis on Canadian contributions, and a 208-page consumer book on drag racing. He was also the media director for the PMRA/Quick 32/PBSS starting from day one of the series in 2004 and for the 10 years that followed

Tim is extremely passionate about the sport’s community, which is why he has emphasized the stories of both emerging talents and trailblazing women racers, underlining their significant roles within the exhilarating world of drag racing in his work.