Don Henderson


(Hometown: Burford, Ontario)

Don Henderson was a renowned figure in the 1960s racing scene, working as a lead line Mechanic at Brant County Ford, while his weekends were devoted to the Super Boss Dragway/Cayuga.

A proficient mechanic, Don constructed his race cars from scratch, handling everything from engine building to suspension. Beyond Cayuga, he left his mark at Grand Bend, St Thomas, Deseronto, and Toronto International, even gaining attention at The Indy Nationals with his production of the original 1966 Ford Factory lightweight Fairlane, which was one of 57 that were built specifically for drag racing by Ford Motor Company.

He left Brant County Ford in 1970, and Don established Don Henderson Technical Services with Grace, producing top-notch engines and cars that set NHRA National Records and earned notable wins across Canada.

In 1988, he acquired a different factory lightweight 1966 427 Fairlane, rekindling his passion for racing. He frequented local tracks and Ford meets until his passing in 1994. Known affectionately as “Donnie” to his closest friends, he was cherished by his family, respected in the racing community, and revered as a true gentleman from the Golden Age of Canadian drag racing.