Glen Stahle


(hometown: St. Clements, Ontario) Glen Stahle’s drag racing career began in 1978, with a 69’ Camaro in Super Pro. He won the overall Super Points Pro Champion and was named “Driver of the Year” at Cayuga Raceway. In 1979, Glen switched to A/SM, and took class runner-up during the US Nationals in Indianapolis. Come 1981, Richard Mowat joined Glen Stahle as a co-driver. The dynamic duo had 2 S.S IHRA class wins at the Northern Nationals in Milan, Michigan, and the Winston World Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio. Together, they won the IHRA Canadian Nationals at Cayuga in 2003. Between 1980 and 1982, they took the NHRA SS Class wis at the US Nationals and Gatornationals. Under the hood was Glen, the mastermind mechanic.

In 1984, Glen purchased a ’67 Corvette which he campaigned in SS/EA at the NHRA Divisional and National events. Between Glen and Richard Mowat, they won numerous class races at both divisional and national event, including: 1980 US Nationals, 1982 Gatornationals, 1982 US Nationals, 1985 Gatornationals, 1985 Cayuga, 1988 Montreal, and the 2004 Pennsylvania Dutch Classic. In 2007, they won the Class Win in the 1988 GTA Pontiac Firebird. In 2008, they won the Mopar Canadian Nationals Editor’s Choice Award. Glen took S/S runner up at the 1979 US Nationals, 1985 Columbus, as well as at the Digger O’Neil Memorial Race in Cayuga. Glen decided to completely turn over the driving to Richard Mowat, to concentrate on finding ET wherever he could.

During the 1999 season, Glen debuted his newest (and last) machine – a Smith Performance Specialties-built ’99 Pontiac Firebird, powered by a 454 CID low compression powerplant, rated at 379 HP. His meticulously prepared Firebird received immediate recognition and was presented the prestigious “Best Engineered” award, at Quaker City in Salem, Ohio.

Glen’s greatest successes arose from motors that he spent hours putting together and tweaking himself. He spent many weekends testing motors at the track and had an uncanny knowledge of carburetors. Glen started his business, Glenco Automotive Repair, so that he could have the time to develop his racing skills.